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Into The West

...boldly going where no journal has gone before

the procrastinator
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"The prime minister held a meeting with the cabinet today. He also spoke to the bookcase and argued with the chest of drawers." - Ronnie Barker

24. female. lawyer-in-training. procrastinator and all around boring old sod.

interests include watching tv shows that are probably older than she is.
is probably turning into a sci-fi geek. and loving it?
also acquiring more than a passing interest in the age of sail and the napoleonic war era.
Oh, and classic rock (especially the Who and the Beatles)
likes using 'strike' waay more than she should. See?

Fandoms and Interests in a Nutshell
fanlistings - under construction
(There are quite a few of them. Enjoy the shinies!)

Taste (or Lack Thereof)
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Twelve Hours Out
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floodthesky - icon journal
plasticponies - RPG collective (record of characters, games etc.)
historysong - deviantart account (OMGDZ!)


Thankyou and Goodnight
misscam for the unexpected six months of paid user time. Much <3 to you :D Also, by doing so, introducing me to the joys of a paid account. Hmm...should I actually be thanking you for that? XD

nnaylime for the lovely Adama & Roslin mood theme.
oblaye for the current journal layout

all graphics (unless stated) were made by me. If you would like, please ask.

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"Be warned. I now am going to speak French, an unprecedented undertaking that will be a severe test of Anglo-French friendship." - Winston Churchill

my inner!Doctor(well, one of them anyway). colourbar courtesy of martoufmarty

admiral nelson, age of sail, ashes to ashes, battlestar galactica, benedict cumberbatch, bob dylan, bonanza, books, boston bruins, boston legal, breyer, brian williams, bruce greenwood, cats, celtic music, classic cars, crime procedurals, crossovers, csi:crime scene investigation, csi:miami, csi:new york, damn plot bunnies, doctor who, dogma, dogs, duke of wellington, edward james olmos, eskimo joe, eureka, fall out boy, fanfiction, faramir, george harrison, ghosts of albion, green day, gunsmoke, hating mushed ship names, highlander, historical fiction, hogan's heroes, horatio hornblower, horses, ice hockey, ipod, itunes, james bond, john entwistle, john lennon, jon stewart, keeley hawes, keith moon, law, law and order, life on mars, little birdy, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h, macbook, magnificent seven, mark gatiss, martin freeman, mary mcdonnell, maverick, miami vice, michael hogan, model horses, music, my chemical romance, my little ponies, nbc nightly news, patrick o'brian, paul mccartney, pete townshend, philip glenister, photo manipulation, photography, pirates of the caribbean, pretty resin horses, procrastination, really), ringo starr, roger daltrey, roswell, rupert graves, science fiction & fantasy, sharpe, sherlock, shiny 'new' fandoms, sir edward pellew, spy fiction, star trek, stargate sg-1, temeraire, the beatles, the boondock saints, the colbert report, the daily show, the fratellis, the living end, the silmarillion, the virginian, the west wing, the who, torchwood, traveling wilburys, westerns, writing